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Oregon's Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) service system is complex with several coordinating state and local partners.  If eligible, some individuals may have entered into a diversion agreement with the Court.  Individuals whose DUII case goes to trial may also have entered into a diversion agreement with the Court or they may have been convicted of DUII.

Whether an individual enters into a diversion agreement or is convicted of DUII, the Court will order the individual to set and keep an appointment with an Alcohol and Other Drug Screening Specialist (ADSS).  The ADSS has two roles in the DUII service system:

  • Screen for an appropriate referral to a state approved DUII alcohol and drug treatment provider and;
  • Monitor and provide the Court with an individual's alcohol and drug treatment compliance.
The designated ADSS for Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson Counties is Central Oregon Evaluation Services (COES).  Our clients are screened for an appropriate referral to a state approved DUII alcohol and drug treatment program, provided with knowledge of the DUII process and assigned a treatment provider.  We do not provide any kind of alcohol or drug treatment here at COES.

As authorized in Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) clients are required to directly pay COES $150.00 for the evaluation (ORS 813.021 and 813.240).  In the evaluation, COES will determine if a client will be referred to a DUII Rehabilitation Program or to a DUII Education Program.  Factors taken into consideration in making a referral include blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest, previous arrests, previous treatment and other factors related to an individual's situation. 

 DUII clients are required to attend an outpatient treatment program that is DUII/State Certified.  The average length of treatment is anywhere from four to six months.  Clients who reside outside of Oregon are required to find a treatment provider that will meet or exceed Oregon DUII treatment requirements.  Our office will assist you in this process.  

If you choose to begin treatment before you see us, be aware that it is on a voluntary/self-referred basis and may not count towards your court ordered DUII requirements.  Be sure and inform your treatment provider that you have an unresolved DUII.  Additionally, treatment cannot be transferred from one agency to another without losing all progress and starting over.  If you know you will be moving while in treatment, please discuss this with your evaluator during your appointment.